Welcome to Lesson 1 of Japanese for Noobs!

In this lesson you will learn how to say different versions of understand and use them in a sentence.

Here's how you say Understand: Wakarimas. Using the mas form you can say not understand by adding -en to the end. Nihongo is how you say Japanese (language) so in order to say you understand japanese which you now do (at least to an extent) you would say: Nihongo ga wakarimas. Ga is a term used to divide the subject from the rest of the sentence but don't worry about that for now. Inversely, if you would like to say you do not understand Japanese you can say: Nihongo ga wakarimasen. Sukoshi is the word for a little. If you want to say you understand Japanes a little you would say: Nihongo ga sukoshi wakarimas. (words are written in a way that is most easy to sound out rather than how to accurately write them. Wakarimas written in romaji is usually spelled wakarimasu.)

Words Learned:

Lesson 2 of Japanese for Noobs

Today we will be expanding on the Word: Wakarimas. You will learn how to say "I want to understand" and "I want to understand Japanese." The way to say want to understand is: Wakaritai. So in order to say I want to understand Japanase you would say: Nihongo ga Wakaritai. Also the word "Wakarimasen" means I understand but in certain context can mean I know. So wakarimas means to know as well.

Words Learned: